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Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling

Speaking with a Christian addiction counselor before life-controlling issues progress can make a huge difference for an individual. If you or a loved one is showing warning signs, do not hesitate to find help. People tend to lead busy lives full of distractions, so it can be hard to take time to read the Bible, pray, and reflect on life. Loved ones often feel uncomfortable sharing everything with relatives, and friends may not have the wisdom to counsel. Who will they go to for a listening ear when they feel hurt or anxious or need something? A Christian addiction counselor can offer a safe place to be heard.

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What Can Christian Addiction Counseling Do? 

Christian addiction counseling can mean many things, such as advising, setting goals, or identifying psychological problems. It usually means resolving conflict and restoring relationships with people. When you look for a counselor, find someone who integrates faith into the addiction counseling process. Don’t assume all counselors claiming to be Christian are devoted to Christ-centered work.

How are Christian Addiction Counselors Different?

While Christian addiction counselors, sometimes called pastoral counselors, may use methods from psychology with their clients, they have access to an entirely different approach. A Christian addiction counselor will evaluate a believer’s thought patterns against the principles of scripture and carefully point out areas of disobedience. These counselors can help your loved one apply biblical truth to everyday life, providing specific verses and Biblical principles that speak directly to your loved one’s needs. A biblical approach also gives insight into the motives behind a loved one’s actions.

Secular addiction counseling is frequently much less effective because its standards to identify difficulties shift constantly. Without a biblical basis, secular counseling lacks an absolute standard against which to compare people. Instead, it uses societal norms or psychological research, which change along with the culture.

Addiction Counseling
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Please consider the experienced treatment and Christian addiction counseling that we provide at Teen Challenge Tallahassee. If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction or life-controlling issue, please give us a call now at (866) 563-0497 to find the best rehab and recovery center near Tallahassee, Florida. We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you can’t get away from work or family, Hope Counseling offers in-person or online Christian addiction counseling for men near Orlando, Florida. Contact Hope Counseling today. Call 855-917-0740, or visit our website: https://hopecounselingsoutheast.com

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