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Angie & Lamar

Angie and Lamar

Angie & Lamar

GED Instructors

  • GED Instructors

Lamar Hanna, wears many hats, a Fine Artist, Lamar earned a Masters Degree in Graphic Arts from Miami University, Ohio. He currently freelances, but used to teach both Math and Art. He currently does artwork for some of the local schools, and for a marketing company. He also serves as a Chaplain for Market Place Chaplains, as the Youth Director, and musician for his local church. Angie Hanna earned a Masters Degree from Emporia University, Kansas, in Special Education and is employed by Broward County Schools, teaching English to high school Exceptional Education Students. She ministers through the performing arts, via drama, poetry, and music. Lamar and Angie feel blessed that God has given them this opportunity to touch the lives of the ladies at TC. They feel that it is always nice to give tangible gifts to others, but to give the intangible, knowledge and wisdom, leaves an everlasting legacy.

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