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Spark Week Challenge

Tallahassee Men’s Rehab
Spark Week Challenge

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The mission of Teen Challenge for the last 60+ years has been to house those struggling with life-controlling issues and provide the Hope that is found in Jesus. Our local Tallahassee Teen Challenge residential program has been serving adult men for over a decade and has a proven successful track record battling the addiction epidemic. Our work therapy program and vocational training maintain the monthly operating budget and enable us to not turn anyone away due to financial reasons. But today, we face a major hurdle to our mission.

To continue our vision of putting Hope within Reach of every addict, our building is in major need of renovation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care both spiritually and physically to those struggling with addiction. Completion of this project will enable us to continue our goals of providing Hope and seeing lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Once a year, Preston Scott takes away all the news and usual programming from his show and focuses on uplifting and positive encouragement. He coined this “Spark Week”. Last year, listeners helped food service workers hit by the loss of wages from the pandemic. After prayerful consideration, he has decided to make Tallahassee Teen Challenge the focus of Spark Week. With a specific emphasis on our “Building Project”.

Tallahassee Teen Challenge recently suffered major flood damage when a retention pond backed up rainwater for 5 days. This caused an excessive amount of moisture in the crawl space underneath the house. Meaning the crawl space must be remediated and encapsulated to not cause further damage. The project all came out of nowhere and no one could have known how bad the damage was going to be.

Your donation will help Tallahassee Teen Challenge with:

  • Waterproofing commercial kitchen with Schluter waterproofing materials, installing tile in kitchen Cost 20k
  • Commercial gutter Installation Cost 7k
  • Remediation and Encapsulation of crawl space 4 Auxiliary Fan installed in Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation Cost 25k
  • Cypress Tree Removal Cost 5k
  • Retention Pond Dug and Excavated Cost 10k

Total Project Cost 67k


Help Put Hope Within Reach for
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