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Students Share their Stories of Changed Lives through Tallahassee Men’s Campus


Hi guys! I’m Channing: fisherman, friend, brother, son, father, and an addict. My life started rough with my mother passing away when I was 2 years old. My father lost custody of me, and relied on my grandparents to raise me. Not really knowing where I belong, I found my passion–fishing. I dropped out of school in order to become a commercial fisherman on a charter boat. Partying and fishing became my entire life. In 2018, Hurricane Michael decimated the panhandle and the fishing industry. I lost my home, my dog, and my sanity. Through a national disaster, relapses, jail, and eventually Teen Challenge, I came to see how much God loves me. He redeemed every bit of my suffering. Teen Challenge has helped me find character in myself in places that I could never have reached in my life of sin. The relationship and culture of the brotherhood that I have been allowed to experience have been nothing short of life-changing.


My name is Cade. I’ll start by telling you that living a sinful life led to broken family relationships, friendships, and ultimately, me turning my back on God. Ignoring the damages, I turned to drugs and other things to try and make them go away. It got to a point where I didn’t care about myself, or anyone else. I was in and out of jail, spending enormous amounts of money on legal fees, and running from the law. My life was miserable. Teen Challenge accepted me in 2018, but I got kicked out because I was still stuck in my ways and didn’t want to surrender. I wound up back in jail and had plenty of time to think about my choices. That is when I decided that I wanted to come back and get things right. Just the fact that they accepted me back was huge for me. Teen Challenge didn’t give up on me. Since coming back, I have truly accepted Christ and I have become content with where God has me. Leading a Christian life has led me to mend the relationships that I ruined. My strength comes from my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ.


My name is Jake and I’m 24 years old. I began using marijuana at the age of 13. It got worse from there, in and out of juvenile detention centers, reform schools, and jail. At the age of fifteen, I had become quite accustomed to the legal system. The only difference was that every time, my dad would show up and plead mercy on my case. I found myself always being given a second chance, but never taking it. Sitting in jail looking at 15 years in a penitentiary, I finally fell on my knees and begged for forgiveness from the One who could save me. I received a phone call asking if I would consider going to Teen Challenge. Over several months, Teen Challenge had a representative on my case, and by the grace of God, I went before the judge with an open plea. He heard what Teen Challenge had to say and sent me with them. I can now say I have been sober for an entire year! I have a desire to learn more about the Lord and to help others. I now have an amazing relationship with both of my parents and brothers who love me and push me to my greatest potential. I thank God every day for this change in my life.


My name is Kyle and I am 25 years old. I was raised in a great home with two loving Christian parents. As an athlete, I had popularity, family, and support in whatever endeavor I chose. Looking back, God had favor on my life. But I chose not to accept that and turned my back on everything. By high school, I began partying and getting in trouble. When college rolled around, I didn’t know who Jesus was anymore. Completely empty, I looked to fill that void and began using painkillers. Secular rehabs didn’t help because I was trying to do it on my own. I started using heroin and became a junkie, the lowest of the low. After an overdose that left me with spinal cord damage and paralysis in my left arm, I felt so ashamed of what I had done to my body. In my sorrow, in my destruction, at the lowest point of my life, Jesus finally made Himself real to me. By God’s grace, I made it to Teen Challenge in Florida. My relationship with Jesus has brought me family restoration, a deep relationship with my brothers at the center, and hope for the first time.


What’s Been Happening at
Tallahassee Men’s Rehab Ministry?

Tallahassee Men’s ministry held a 2020 virtual gala. They were able to share inspiring testimonies, engaging messages, and exciting updates on the community’s positive impact. Donations received go to support Teen Challenge rehabs and help transform students lives at their campus. The 2020 speaker, Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of MyPillow, shared his passion for faith-based recovery programs like Teen Challenge Southeast. Tallahassee Men’s Rehab Center thanks all who contributed and participated!

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