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Our Florida Christian Rehab Approach 

For 60 years, Teen Challenge has been helping adult men overcome addiction in a long-lasting way. We’re part of a global network with over 200 centers in the U.S. and 1,300 worldwide.

Florida Christian rehab

Our Florida Christian rehab program is affordable and lasts a whole year. It includes group and individual counseling, parenting classes, spiritual guidance, tips for avoiding relapse, anger management, education about drugs and alcohol, fun activities, and job training.

Our rehab center is safe, clean, and just for men. Our caring staff knows what you’re going through because many of them have been there too. We treat everyone with kindness and respect. If you want our help, you need to commit to a year of recovery and learning life skills.

We believe that real recovery means changing your life. Just quitting drugs or alcohol for a little while won’t fix the deeper problems. Addiction isn’t just a disease; it often starts because people are trying to fill emotional gaps like love, success, forgiveness, belonging, or a sense of purpose. They use drugs or alcohol to feel better, but these substances take over and make it really hard to quit. Trying to stop can lead to painful withdrawal symptoms.

Once drugs or alcohol have a hold on you, they can completely control your thoughts and actions, making it nearly impossible to quit on your own. This can lead to legal trouble if you resort to theft or selling drugs to feed your habit. You might end up needing more and more of the substance to get the same feeling, and that’s dangerous. It’s important to get help to break free from this cycle and build a better future.

Without a big change in how they think and what they focus on in life, the addict will keep going back to their addiction. This harms their relationships, their ability to be trusted, their job, their money, and their physical and mental health. The addiction can completely ruin their life.

Unveiling Addiction’s Layers
A Proven Path

Our battle against addiction unfolds step by step, a process that can’t be hurried, often taking up to a year. High-cost, short-term rehab centers make swift promises, but the reality often falls short. You’ve likely seen celebrities bouncing between these facilities without breaking free from addiction because they don’t address the underlying problems.

You might wonder why most rehab programs are short. It’s more appealing for addicts and their families to think the problem can be fixed quickly. Additionally, many insurance policies only cover the first 90 days, making it profitable for expensive rehabs to have a constant stream of clients. In contrast, we are a nonprofit organization that keeps costs low and doesn’t deal with insurance. We’re focused on achieving lasting recovery, regardless of the time needed, relying on community support to help individuals transform their lives completely. This commitment is the key to the success of the Tallahassee Florida Christian rehab.

Why These Steps Require a Full Year

The first step is to help the person get rid of the addictive stuff and get control back. This part can take a while, maybe weeks or months, and it’s done in a place where they’re watched and tested every day. It can be a tough and sometimes risky process because stopping can be really hard.

After that, real change doesn’t happen in a few days or weeks of talking with someone. It takes time, like learning anything new. It’s about living in a place where they’re reminded every day to think and act differently, especially when they make mistakes and get called out by the staff or other people in the program. Doing things repeatedly is the key to making these changes stick and become a natural part of life.

We work on the person’s core, helping them become better from the inside. The people in the program are a big part of this too. Those who’ve been in the program for a while help and guide the newer people, making it even more effective in the long run.

Deliverance Through Trusting a Higher Power

For those battling addiction, a history of repeated failures and inner turmoil becomes all too familiar. The burden of inadequacy and guilt is heavy, leaving them acutely aware that self-transformation is beyond their grasp. This is where the concept of relying on a “higher power” takes center stage from the very beginning.

Florida Christian rehab

In our Florida Christian rehab program, we hold firm in the belief that establishing a personal connection with Jesus Christ can be profoundly transformative for individuals grappling with addiction. The realization dawns that they can’t mend their own hearts; instead, they must turn to their Creator and entrust the heavy lifting to Him. With Christ and the Holy Spirit as their constant companions, they find solace, purpose, kindness, truth, and a renewed aspiration to do good.

A Journey from Feeling Unworthy to Finding Forgiveness

In the beginning, addicts often carry a heavy weight of guilt and shame for the pain they’ve caused. But when they discover that Jesus Christ accepts and forgives them no matter what, a new chapter begins. They start to feel worthy of moving forward because the Creator of the Universe has forgiven them, lifting a huge burden.

This newfound sense of worth sparks a strong desire in them to seek forgiveness from those they’ve hurt—a crucial step in their recovery journey. With the strength and determination they find through their connection with Christ, they set out to make amends. Surprisingly, people around them notice the positive changes and are willing to forgive, bringing a sense of relief.

Restoring Honesty in the Lives of Those in Recovery

One thing common to all addicts is that they tend to lie a lot — to friends, family, bosses, and even themselves. They often avoid taking responsibility for their actions by blaming others. Introducing Christ into their lives also means bringing back the truth, which they had lost. Those who have successfully overcome addiction can spot when new folks are not being honest, making them an effective part of the program by holding others accountable. The focus now shifts to truth and openness, which is taught with a mixture of tough love and understanding.

Florida Christian rehab

However, making a real change doesn’t happen unless it’s put into practice. Even if someone has stopped using drugs, reconnected with their faith, and is no longer lying, they still need a plan for the future to prevent going back to their old habits. So, the program shifts to introduce new elements into their lives like humility, compassion, job training, and a strong work ethic. There’s still a gap in their lives when it comes to their future. This means several months of hard work are needed to build up their confidence, stability, and career. They take on tasks in the community that promote humility and give them a sense of purpose. At first, they work in groups, watching out for each other and holding themselves accountable to stay clean. Over time, the focus shifts to helping them find a satisfying career to step into after they’ve completed the program, especially if they didn’t have one before. We support them in starting this new chapter in their lives.

How Our Affordable Florida Christian Rehab Works

At Teen Challenge, our adult rehabs receive strong community support, and the tuition charged covers only a small part of the total cost. This approach has been successful for 50 years and has earned the trust and support of the community. We have a proven track record of transforming individuals who were once trapped by addiction into productive, caring, and peaceful individuals. This is why the community appreciates our work.

In a study conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):

  • 92% of our graduates reported feeling good to excellent in terms of health one year later.
  • 86% were no longer using drugs a year after completing the program.
  • 72% of the graduates continued their education after the program.
  • A year later, 75% of the graduates had jobs, and 73% were supporting themselves with their earnings.

When you compare these numbers to the success rates of most other short-term addiction treatment rehabs, which are typically very low, it’s clear that our approach makes a significant difference.

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    Legal Trouble?

    Our men’s rehab does accept individuals who have been in trouble with the law or are in jail. Courts have allowed addicts time here instead of jail because they know how effective our addiction treatment program can be to change hearts and lives completely.

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    Personal Growth

    Our Christian rehab for men helps the addict sprout new leaves and grow a new life, free of addiction and the pain that led them to their addiction.  We are all about planting the seeds of new life and helping the individual grow into a new creature in Christ.

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    Vocationally Focused

    Our Teen Challenge Tallahassee program teaches humility, care, trustworthiness, and the traits of a good worker. We help the former addict find a new vocation and rebuild their future. Having a strong plan keeps the individual excited about life and self-supporting.


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